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Suggest makers.

In this post you can suggest makers to be invited to the community. You can post under your own username or you can comment anonymously. All comments will be screened. You can even suggest your own name while commenting anon, we will never know it was you. Our mods here will then decide who will be given posting access by voting on each of the suggested names.

Please also include a link to where the makers post their icons. We're having difficulties finding the icons by a few makers that are suggested, so a link to where they are would be really helpful.

*Only suggest makers that are active and have made/posted icons to their journal/community in the last 4 months.

[older comments will be deleted from time to time, to avoid clutter]

I will edit this entry and add the names of the makers who accepts their invite.

0 12feethigh, 24_amends, _veronique
A absolutelybatty, accordion, adrastea, aeriiths, afastmachine, afeastforme, airymaze, akilah92, alfiri, alghuls, alisea_dream, ameliafolder, an_aiko, angelamaria, antonia757, appleindecay, applepips16 arctic_flower, astrokittie
B badwolfen, before_water, biliki, blue_emotion, boxed, burntheflaws
C castiels, celestial_m00n, charmingthrone, ciudad
D daleksaresexy, damsiedam, danseur_lion, dashberlin, deadwillwalk, delorentoes, deternot, dixon
E elli, emiels, entwashian, erinae, erzsebet, everythingshiny
F fan_cifully, fancifull, fouroux, fulminant, fuuurs
G gallicka, geckoholic, goreplz, growling
H halesmoon,hauntes, hopeitallaway
I icequeen3101, imaginary_lives, inalandofgods incandescent, ionizable, iulieki
J jokermary, jsfunction, juanxyo, julie_izumi, justmyb0nes
K kayable, kitamikeita
L lady_kingsley, lady_turner, lavanille, lessrest, library_of_sex, liesmiths, light_ofmy_life, likealight, longerthanwedo, lu_hesperia, lumsx
M mancalahour, marcasite, margerydaw_s2, marylou_gr, memonechan, misstress_tink, mm3butterfly, motorized
N nadya149, naginis, naive_astronaut, nalazhar, naushika, neatmonster, neversleeps, nightbulbs, nottiem, novindalf, nyaza
O odd_one_around, ofraindrops, ofthesea, ohgollygeedamn, outoftime oviedo, oxoniensis
P pamkips, pandavirus, watchpoint, petite_tomate, phaust_, pointblankdarcy, poisonfield
R raiindust, rebel, rocketgirl2, rosedamask
S scarred_loretta, schryosel, scoobyatemysnax, second_love, setentpet, shadedcolor, shameless666, sheeplover0104, sky_magenta, smyra0, spartapuss, spg_spn_girls, spittingfish spud66cat, starkwars, sucksucksmile, summerstorm, superjesster, systematichabit
T talipuu, teald, theotherayn, timewaslost tinebrella, tturners, tunaeverynight
V val_valerie, vampire_sessah, vetica, vintagic, violateraindrop
W watching_ghosts, wellhalesbells, wickdshy, wildpages
X xlittledreams
Y yoli_19, youwatchusrun
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